North Valley Behavioral Health operates a Psychiatric Health Facility providing therapeutic and rehabilitation services in a non-hospital 24 hour inpatient setting.  Services are provided to individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric episode or crisis, whose physical health needs can be met by an affiliated hospital or in an outpatient setting.

The primary focus of the program is continuous diagnostic assessment of the individual’s mental health status, stabilization and maintenance of the mental health condition, improvement of patient’s functioning ability, and transitional planning with appropriate referrals to a post hospitalization living situation.  It is intended for individuals who have a qualified mental health condition or crisis requiring temporary care in a safe and secure environment.

North Valley Behavioral Health accepts “involuntary” and “voluntary” adult patients who are referred from county mental health agencies who meet the admission criteria established for the program.  All care provided by the PHF will be pre-authorized by the referring county mental health agency and subject to utilization review criteria for medical and service necessity.  North Valley Behavioral Health does not except walk-in patients.

Patients will be discharged or transferred from this facility when:  

The patient has successfully completed a treatment plan and no longer meets medical or service necessity criteria.

The patient no longer meets criteria for an involuntary hold.

The patient needs a higher level of medical or psychiatric care.  It is expected that all patients moving to a lower level of care (e.g. board and care, supervised living, etc…) would be returned to the county of origin for placement or other disposition.

North Valley has established relationships with other providers to handle medical care, health emergencies, higher levels of psychiatric care and other referral needs.

Average Length of Stay

The length of stay at the North Valley PHF is planned to meet the acute psychiatric needs of the patients referred to the program.  North Valley will accept both voluntary and involuntary patients who meet the admission criteria for the program.  

It is expected that many of the patients referred to the PHF will be on an involuntary hold, which is limited to 72 hours.  These patients may receive treatment beyond that time frame if they meet continued medical necessity.  To continue treatment, a patient must either agree to be treated on a voluntary basis or must be mandated to continue on an involuntary basis by the proper legal authority.  

It is anticipated that the average length of stay at the PHF will be between 3 to 5 days.  Stays of less than three days or longer than five days will be dependent on the individual needs of the patient in accordance with any legal hold.  In all cases, the individual care will be coordinated with the referring county mental health agency.

The program at North Valley is designed to intervene with the mental health crises, stabilize and maintain the mental health condition, improve the patient’s functioning ability, and coordinate care and referrals to other services.  Structured services and activities are offered to patients during day and evening hours, seven days per week.  A general outline of the services is as follows:

✓Psychiatric Assessment and Evaluation

✓Crisis Intervention

✓Medication Evaluation and Management

✓Health Monitoring and Medical Service Referrals

✓Multi-disciplinary Treatment Planning

✓Individual and Group Therapy

✓Rehabilitation Services

✓Social Work/Case Management

✓Therapeutic Activities

✓Discharge Planning

Our Goal

To provide quality and compassionate care inpatient psychiatric services to adults within the Northern California region.


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